Saturday, June 11, 2011

Getting your ownCloud

One thing I've noticed since my last post is a lot of people asking how they can setup ownCloud for themselves. This post will hopefully help you get started. I'm really just paraphrasing the ownCloud wiki so here are the more detailed links:

Here's a quick list of different ways to try it out for yourself:

To get the latest from git, set up a LAMP server (sqlite works just as well as mysql). There are 2 options for getting the latest git: In the root of your web directory run: git clone git:// If you use this method and want to help out we have instructions on our wiki on how to modify that slightly for a development setup (keeping your own files out of git and under your user while letting git update the system files). The other option for getting owncloud itself is to download the latest, automatically created snapshot from git: Snapshots are here. These snapshots are created on the fly so whenever you download it you'll get the most up-to-date version possible at that moment.

If you're okay with being a bit behind (especially now that we're working full steam ahead on 2.0) there is a package from PackageCloud that will give you an ownCloud 1.1 setup. Link here:

There's also an Amazon S3 applicance called 'owncloud-in-a-box' from openSuse. Link here:

There are also packages for ownCloud in openSuse and Ubuntu that can be installed through your regular package manager.

On the last blog entry there was a comment about making it even easier to setup and I think that's something we should look at in the future. Whatever happens, we'll keep you updated.


  1. I've been thinking about it and to make owncloud really easy to set up, a free default service is needed, one which requieres nothing more than a click or two to get on board.
    icloud provides free syncing between apple devices, that alone is a great advantage, they already charge icloud price on the devices price and their itunes fees.
    To counter this, we need a easy to use wizard to configure owncloud, which defaults to some free hosting, which runs the service.
    This is very hard, because hosting is not cheap, and the money has to come from somewhere, The best option we have is making people buy plug servers and pay their own electricity and internet, which they won't notice by making them use a plug server.
    The best option might be giving a free service for 3 months with a limit in transfer, and then give the option to buy a cheap plug server (I heard they can make these devices as cheap as 25$) or paying 5$ monthly to keep using the server.
    Also another advantage they have is Itunes, (and android will have google music too), owncloud to succeed would need some way of getting multimedia content, maybe integrating services as grooveshark would be a good option.

  2. @damian

    If you could send me an email about the first part of your post I'd love to talk to you more about it. My email is As for the second part, the music player, it should very easily integrate with amarok and tomahawk. Amarok is working on a mobile player right now and tomahawk has mac, linux and windows packages. We already mirror the ampache api, which amarok supports and tomahawk is designed to be easily extensible to.

  3. Hey, doesn't already offer ownCloud hosting (including a free offering)?

    Yes, it does :D

  4. BTW and from the SUSEStudio image you linked to, you can deploy on a FREE Amazon micro instance with just a few clicks (provided you have an Amazon EC2 account). The micro instance should suffice for basic usage.

  5. I absolutley agree with Damians post - i.e.

    "I've been thinking about it and to make owncloud really easy to set up, a free default service is needed, one which requieres nothing more than a click or two to get on board"

    Until it is made easier to install lots, and I mean lots, of people just won't use it even though they would love to do so.

    If that can be sorted you'll then see a great deal of activity and use.

    Good luck and thank you for all your efforts

  6. Thanks a lot jospoortvliet !
    I finally have my very own owncloud ! Problem is PackageCloud guys are not up to date with owncloud, they only use the 1.1 version (which seems far less awesome than the 2.0).
    I sure hope they'll make the jump soon !

  7. Thanks for the corrections, Jos. I had them on my bullet list of things to put in this entry and then skipped right over them :-)

  8. Hi,

    Already have a Packagecloud account.

    I am a newbie on databases.
    What are the applications that I can use from Windows 7 to access a database on PackageCloud? Ist possible to use MS Access? Is there any online application as well?

    Tks in advance.

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  11. "MDB2 Error: can not create: createDatabase: [Error message: sqlite_open(): unable to open database: /usr/share/owncloud/owncloud] [Native message: not an error"

    After filling out the web form for the first time this error emerged. How do I fix this?

    1. Hi Lindsey

      Did you ever resolve this issue? I am getting the same error.

      Thanx J

  12. I tried to set as the owncloud2 data folder of a folder mounted with s3fs (for amazon s3) ownCloud but fails. OwnCloud can 'write to a partition mounted with s3fs (s3 bucket)?

    Sorry for bad English !

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