Monday, August 9, 2010

Any interest in a Los Angeles KDE Release Event?

I know that this is extremely late but Ryan is right, there should be more than 1 release event in the US. I don't mind planning another one if there's any interest in it, so here goes: Who would be willing to come to a Los Angeles event on August 24th celebrating the release of KDE SC 4.5? My tentative plan would be to meet at a restaurant or coffee shop for some food and conversation. I'll add it to the events page and anybody who wants to come can add their name there or leave a comment here.

And, just so that there's something interesting here for the world outside of Los Angeles, here's a screenshot of a new feature in ownCloud that seems to be working very well: multiple users.

Each user gets their own data directory as well as their own backup directory and all the user setup is done from within the ownCloud web interface, no editing of files by hand on the server. Lots of polish has been added lately and it's going to be very exciting to see ownCloud start to integrate more deeply with the rest of the KDE workspace.